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March 28, 2023

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Letters to the Editor: Nov. 15

By , Columbian Editorial Assistant

Thank veterans for our freedoms

I am an eighth-grader, and when I heard that we would get a day off, my first thoughts were, “Hooray, no school!” That is the reaction of millions of students across the nation. To us, Nov. 11 is just a day that we get to skip school and shop at the Veterans Day sales. We hardly give a thought to why we are recognizing this day.

Veterans Day should be different. Instead of celebrating our right to shop, we should be celebrating our right to have all of our freedoms because of the men and women who made that possible. America is the land of the free because of the brave.

If you see veterans when you are out and about, instead of ignoring them, thank them for what they did so you can be free. I know I will.

Phillip Andrews

Battle Ground

Incorporate historical connection

I absolutely agree that adding “Fort” to the name of our city should at least be considered. As stated in the Nov. 6 editorial, “Name change?” there is no harm in talking about it as a community. We are all civilized people, and how nice would it be to finally be easily distinguishable from Vancouver, B.C.?

Some are arguing that we have more important things to be talking about. Since when was there a limit to issues our community should talk about?

Others argue that we are no longer a fort. True as this may be, that is our history, our roots as a region. Don’t many cities’ names originate from history?

Look at all the Native American names used for cities and counties in Washington state. Are those now strictly Native American cities and counties? Of course not; that’s just incorporating important bits of history into a name.

Nothing has to be decided hastily; we are a democracy, so people will all have their say if they choose. But how will we ever know what that decision might be unless we at least begin talking about it?

Let’s give it a try.

Jessica Pauli


Call for moderation

Hardly a week goes by when we don’t hear about mass shootings. What does the NRA have to say? But I believe more guns for everyone makes us less safe, not more. Now, with right-wing zealots calling for “revolution” and proclaiming “wait until you see the whites of their eyes,” I’m not feeling very safe. How about you?

This minority of “patriots” who wrap themselves in the flag and keep one hand on a gun and the other on the cross are no worse than the Taliban. Jesus needed no more than faith and words to spread the Gospel, not a weapon. We look insane to the rest of the world. Where are you, moderate Republicans?

Rich Stever


Don’t allow Muslims to enlist

The murderous rampage at Fort Hood that left 13 dead and more than 30 wounded is a direct result of the soft-headed leadership of politically correct leftists in Congress and those “moderates” who pander to them. The fact that at a time when we are at war with radical Islamists we are still enlisting American Muslims in our armed forces is Congress’ fault alone.

If common sense were prevailing, American Muslims would be told that now is not a good time for them to serve in the United States Armed Forces. Go and stand up against the radicals in your mosques. Denounce strapping explosives on children and the mentally ill to blow up civilians; denounce the so-called honor killing where wicked fathers have their daughters killed.

Our representatives and senators can stand up against the ACLU and do what is right for our country’s safety or get out. The ACLU howls about Christmas displays or carols in our public schools or lands, but says nothing about Islamic schools in America or a celebration of Muslim holy days in our public schools. Go figure.

Mark who is on the side of authentic, traditional America and our Constitution and who is not.

Will H. Matson

Battle Ground

Lifting ban is morally right

I am thrilled to hear about President Barack Obama ending the ban on HIV-positive travelers.( Nov. 1 story, “Obama to lift ban on U.S. entry for those with HIV.”)

Public policy and public attitudes about HIV/AIDS has shifted dramatically since 1987 as evidenced by President Obama’s actions to lift the ban.

President Obama’s accomplishment of removing the ban is an act of social justice. HIV-positive people have every right to be treated fairly. By removing the ban, President Obama is communicating worldwide that the United States is serious about engaging in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and the dignity and worth of each HIV-infected individual will not be denied.

I hope the government will continue to increase access to cutting edge treatments and support for HIV-positive individuals.

Hannah Palmquist


Obsession with Palin continues

A senior Obama administration official was quoted recently by an ABC reporter that, “we’re 2-0 against Palin,” … “The vice president went in and took on Governor Palin and the other national Republicans who had gotten involved in the (New York 23rd Congressional District) race and we’re sure happy that (Bill) Owens pulled out that win.”

This administration cannot competently run the government, nor promote their health care plan and cap-and-trade bills successfully, so they spend their time doing what they know best, running for election — the last one and the next one.

The larger question is, why is this administration, and the entire Democratic establishment, including the mainstream media, so obsessed with Sarah Palin? To them, she is nothing but a stupid, moose-hunting hick from Wasilla, Alaska, who happens to know the infamous liberal media darling Levi Johnston.

Her absolute power over members of the Democratic Party today is just amazing. If they are acting like this now, just wait for the North American tour of Palin’s book, “Going Rogue.” It is going to drive them even crazier, all the while they continue to “fiddle, while Rome burns.”

Andy Bremmeyer


Union looks out for the good guys

Let’s hear the other side of the story. The Nov. 1 AP story “Time for Boeing Machinists union to soul-search?” makes the union out to be bad guys, stating that work stoppage cost Boeing Co. billions of dollars.

What was the union asking for? I imagine it was only a few million dollars in concessions.

Sounds like more Republicans taking care of the big guys and crushing labor.

Gary Anacker


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