Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Sept. 22, 2021

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Hansen for Councilor

Vancouver has been well-served during his short term

The Columbian

Bart Hansen’s candidacy for the Vancouver City Council probably is one of the few things upon which Tim Leavitt and Royce Pollard agree. The current and former Vancouver mayor, respectively, both endorse Hansen, who has served for nine months since his appointment to replace Leavitt as councilor. He’s served well, too, and has earned The Columbian’s endorsement for several reasons.

First, Hansen, 35, is the youngest member of the council and the only councilor who is married with two young children. That perspective on the council is key for the community. He’s a hard-working, collaborative and passionate listener with the right ideas about growth, transportation infrastructure and visionary projects.

Hansen’s opponent, John Jenkins, is running largely on a no-tolls promise, an issue over which the council has little influence. Jenkins describes local anti-everything activist Larry Patella as “the soul of my campaign.” This decision is easy. Hansen has the record and the solutions that warrant return to the council.