Sunday, May 31, 2020
May 31, 2020

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Climbing tower debuts for training wind-turbine techs

The Columbian

VANCOUVER — The Northwest Renewable Energy Institute unveiled a 75-foot climbing tower during a ceremony Friday at its Vancouver campus.

The climbing tower allows students to obtain a Competent Climbers Certificate, which is necessary in some jobs in the wind-energy industry, according to the institute. Climbing is a necessary skill for technicians working on 300-foot tubular wind-energy towers. “Installing this training tower is another step in our continued effort to provide graduates with all the skills employers want in their wind-turbine technicians,” Arch Miller, the institute’s chairman, said in a statement.

Students in the Renewable Energy Wind Turbine Technician program will take part in 30 hours of training during a one-week period on the climbing tower. They will be taught all aspects of climbing that are necessary inside a tubular tower, including safety measures. There are currently 180 students enrolled in the 24-week technician program.

The Northwest Renewable Energy Institute is a division of International Air Academy Inc. More information: