Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Sept. 21, 2021

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Letter: Progressives move nation forward

The Columbian

Carolyn Crain, in her June 26 letter, “Disappointed with representation,” seems to equate her potential “proud progressive” Democratic Party representative selection with being a member of the “Communist Party.” If she truly desires to ferret out “Commies,” she might check out Acts 4, verses 32-37, where the earliest Christians in Rome demonstrated the original brotherhood of fellowship, bringing a deeper meaning to sharing the “commons.” Or, does her version of the Bible just end at Leviticus?

By the way, the opposite of a “progressive” must be a “regressive,” and if the neo-Cons garbed in Republican regalia get their way, we will regress all the way back to feudalism. Not too many of us will end up as lords and lieges, nor will we have our Constitutional freedoms.

Crain may call me a “proud fiscal conservative” and an even prouder “social progressive.” In order to “form a ‘more perfect’ union,” we must keep moving ahead.

Larry Johnson


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