Tuesday, May 18, 2021
May 18, 2021

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Letter: Tea Party message was co-opted

The Columbian

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators do what the Tea Party started out doing. The early Tea Party movement spooked the super rich by expressing rage at Wall Street for wrecking our economy and then rewarding the offending CEOs with enormous bonuses. They were furious with the federal government’s bailout of the most criminally irresponsible Wall Street corporations. These are Occupy Wall Street issues, too.

Do you remember that other Tea Party, before GOP money and political consultants co-opted it? It’s a far cry from today’s movement, which has reversed itself and now wants us taxpayers to give those same Wall Street crooks yet more gigantic gifts in the form of deep permanent tax cuts. Those tax cuts will be paid for by working-class citizens like me, the very people who lost their jobs and saw their pensions wrecked by the Wall Street market manipulators.

Today, the compromised Tea Party is just a gaggle of wackos providing cover for the same people the former movement raged against. The Wall Street fat cats that the Tea Party formerly vilified now endorse and embrace the movement.

Today’s Tea Party is less interested in the bailout mess. Instead it squanders it’s energy on sideshows like gun control paranoia and abortion.

William Martin


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