Saturday, December 4, 2021
Dec. 4, 2021

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Letter: Morality should not be legislated

The Columbian

The country should be outraged. With children starving, millions jobless, millions homeless and those who have lost their homes to greed and everything they gave their lives to, the Republicans are only interested in waging their morality war against women and same-sex couples with all of their restrictions of funding Planned Parenthoods and issuing anti-abortion and anti-same-sex-marriage bills, which are religion’s top-priority targets, as extreme as it is.

Republicans John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell and the Republicans said a loud “no” to President Obama’s jobs bill to help those millions and instead are wasting 3 million more dollars of taxpayer money to fight the repeal of the church’s discriminatory homosexual hatred legislation known as Defense of Marriage Act, which has sections that have been ruled as unconstitutional.

The Constitution guarantees equality but the church has plenty of tax-free dollars to endorse congressional seats and create religious tests for political candidates to make sure things will go their way. We need freedom from religion: we are already their victims.

Larry Little


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