Tuesday, April 13, 2021
April 13, 2021

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Man pleads not guilty to sending threatening emails


A Vancouver man accused of sending threatening emails to a state Senate candidate pleaded not guilty Thursday to malicious harassment and cyberstalking.

A tentative trial date for Gary K. Owen, 50, was set for Oct. 31.

He’s accused of sending two threatening, graphic emails to Eileen Qutub, a Republican candidate in the 49th District, because he was upset at receiving her campaign mailers.

Owen allegedly sent the first email to Qutub on July 21, according to sheriff’s deputies, saying, “I would rather put a bullet in your stupid pathetic Republican (expletive) brain than vote for you. Being a Republican and a woman you have no right ever speaking or having an opinion about anything.”

On Aug. 4, Qutub received a second email: “I will hunt you down and shove your spam junk mail flier (explicit description) with a hot poker!” the email read.

Qutub alerted the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. Since the author had left Owen’s name and address at the bottom of the second email, sheriff’s deputies were able to locate and question him.

According to a sheriff’s office news release, Owen admitted to sending the email. He was arrested Aug. 9.

Qutub is running against Democrat Annette Cleveland for the seat vacated by Craig Pridemore. The seat represents west Vancouver in the Senate.

Owen is free on bail.


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