Tuesday, March 21, 2023
March 21, 2023

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Letter: Accept fact that Paul is done

The Columbian

The June 20 Columbian online story “Longview GOP Delegate says he’ll back Ron Paul” disappointed me. Unfortunately none of the delegates elected from Washington’s 3rd Congressional District will be backing Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention even though Romney won the caucuses in February.

This echoes 2008 when John McCain won the county and Washington’s primary by a wide margin (Ron Paul only received 6.52 percent here), yet the delegation from Clark County and the 3rd Congressional District was a Paul delegation. As far as the presidential campaign is concerned, Paul is done. I would hope that the Paul supporters would recognize the will of the people and support the nominee.

Four of six delegates and alternates from the 3rd Congressional District are supporting Paul, with the others supporting Rick Santorum. Santorum folks partnered with Paul supporters at the county and state conventions in an effort to block Romney from getting the nomination.

What’s sad is that most of these delegates and alternates hope to be precinct committee officers, a position where you represent the people in your precinct. They have proven consistently that they aren’t willing to fairly represent the Republicans here. I worry about the future of the local GOP if Paul supporters and sympathizers have their way.

Joseph Snogren

Battle Ground

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