Sunday, May 31, 2020
May 31, 2020

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Press Talk: ‘Stupid Stuff’ mugs are coming back!

By , Columbian Editor
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The Columbian's limited-run first edition of "Don't Do Stupid Stuff" coffee cups sold out in just over four hours on Nov.
The Columbian's limited-run first edition of "Don't Do Stupid Stuff" coffee cups sold out in just over four hours on Nov. 9. Photo Gallery

So, I’m hanging out at the county commission meeting this week, and they’re endlessly arguing about some sort of integrity resolution Commissioner David Madore dreamed up.

It’s likely already cost thousands of dollars in county staff time.

Madore and Commissioner Steve Stuart bicker a lot. And they bickered more than a lot on this “Twilight Zone”-like integrity resolution! And I’m thinking in some countries, they actually throw shoes at guys like this.

Look, Stuart does happen to be right here. This resolution is just busywork. You could argue that these guys are wasting valuable time with this resolution. At least it takes time away from them mucking up other stuff.

This proposed resolution is just under a gazillion pages. I counted! Then I came up with a much shorter resolution to this resolution:

when us commission guys do things …

Don’t do Stupid Stuff!”


The mug

And, hey, I just so happen to have a coffee mug to help keep these guys in line. You guessed it, the “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff” mug.

Now, if these characters — yes, that includes you, Commissioner Tom Mielke — were sipping from the “Stupid Stuff” cup of wisdom, we’d all be better off. Alas, they don’t appear to have their orders in yet.

But I’m happy to say many others have!

For those of you who were not paying close attention and sadly are mugless, I noted in my column on Nov. 9 that we had $10 “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff” mugs available.

The “stupid stuff” phrase — “ripped from the headlines” of an earlier column I wrote — was prompted by political types doing, ah, not the brightest things.

We sold out in four hours.

So we’ve reordered. I don’t expect this second order to last long, either. The mugs aren’t here yet, but we think they’ll be in around Nov. 22. Call 360-694-2312 to double-check.

We already have a waiting list of more than 100 mugs, so my advice — to those of you who want one — is to act quickly. They’ll be at our front counter.

Fun visits

After the first order sold out, I found my way up to our front counter to visit some of those who came in to get them. What fun!

They spoke about how they know we mostly hear from those who dislike us — from the left and the right — and just wanted to tell me how much they appreciate The Columbian. I also heard from those who emailed to reserve a mug.

“We would like you to set aside one coffee mug as an expression of our appreciation for your willingness to speak truth to (the) power in Clark County.”

— Rodger and Ruth Stevens

And this one:

“I am late reading my paper this morning — I fear these AWESOME, timely, ultimately collectible mugs will go fast & I will miss out. Hope I’m in time.”

— Elaine Schick


“Huge fan of your column and I would be lost without one of these mugs.”

— Sarah Wilson

Power players

Most of those who picked up a mug were regular folks like me. But I actually expected more governmental types, more power players to grab one. And to be sure, some have done so.

Folks like state Sen. Ann Rivers, state Rep. Jim Moeller and Vancouver school Superintendent Steven Webb bought a mug. I’ve taken on each of them at one point or another. Still, they wanted the mug. And that’s because they fit into a very special category that impresses me:

They take their jobs seriously but don’t take themselves too seriously. They are comfortable in their own skin.

So if you see someone displaying the mug, think highly of them. I do! And if you have a mug, take a photo of you and the mug and send it to me. The more exotic the setting the better.