Thursday, March 23, 2023
March 23, 2023

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Letter: I-594 adds layer of security

The Columbian

Initiative 594 is designed to keep your family and your community safe. It will not affect your Second Amendment rights. It will not take away any of your guns. It will not tell you how many you can own or what kind you may own.

I-594 will be another layer of protection without affecting your rights. Loopholes in Washington state law makes it too easy for criminals and gangs to get guns. All they have to do is contact an unlicensed seller online or at gun shows. I-594 closes this loophole by requiring that private sales and transfers, including gun shows and over the Internet, go through the same background checks as licensed gun dealer sales. This measure will protect your kids and your family.

Please vote yes on measure I-594.

Gale D. Beagle


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