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Oct. 21, 2020

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Photos sought of Vietnam veterans from Clark County

Woman seeks pictures of 19 local men to add to D.C. memorial

By , Columbian Science, Military & History Reporter
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Courtesy of Janna Hoehn
Janna Hoehn and some of the almost 800 photographs she has collected of service personnel whose names are on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.
Courtesy of Janna Hoehn Janna Hoehn and some of the almost 800 photographs she has collected of service personnel whose names are on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Photo Gallery

There are 58,286 names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., and Janna Hoehn wants a face to go along with every name.

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Hoehn and her fellow volunteers have about 21,000 photographs to go — including the images of about 20 Clark County servicemen.

Hoehn is part of an effort to create The Education Center at the Wall, which will expand the scope of the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

“We have collected over 37,000 pictures of the 58,300 names on the wall,” Hoehn said.

Hoehn has contacted several newspapers around Washington state, providing localized lists of Vietnam casualties who are not in the photo collection.

“We will take anything. We have to represent each one,” Hoehn said.

Many photos in their gallery are traditional military portraits taken in uniform. However, “People can send senior portraits, prom photos and wedding photos. There have been a few baby photos,” Hoehn (pronounced “Hane”) said.

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Her search for photographs gets complicated when official military records and local veterans’ memorials don’t match.

The military designation of “home of record” doesn’t always indicate where someone came from.

To further complicate matters, names listed on local monuments are not always on the Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.

Hoehn sent The Columbian a list of 36 Vietnam casualties identified through a Memorial Wall database as Clark County residents; she said needed photos of nine of the men.

But the Clark County Veterans War Memorial lists 63 Vietnam fatalities.

After examining those names, Hoehn found she needs the photographs of 19 men.

Sometimes, just passing along high school information will help.

After seeing one of those names, “Buddies will write me: ‘We went to school at such and such and graduated in 1965,'” she said. That might be enough to get a yearbook photo from the school.

“Email photos are the best quality,” she said.

She gets some black-and-white photos from newspaper obituaries — a few of those clippings are almost 50 years old — but they are unusable when enlarged.

A resident of Maui, Hoehn started her quest with service personnel from Hawaii who died during the Vietnam War. After working on her list of people from California — where she found more than 700 photographs — she is focusing on Washington service personnel.

“I have collected almost 800 photos in less than year,” she said.

The education center will include a museum where objects left at the Memorial Wall can be displayed.

“They’ve been warehousing and documenting each item,” she said.


(For some men whose photos are being sought, the military has listed homes of record outside Clark County.)

Howard David Akehurst

Lynn Dennis Anderson (Wishram), need photo

Joseph Manuel Aragon

Keith Noel Atchley, need photo

David Wallace Baker

Carl Frank Belding Jr. (White Salmon), need photo

Prentis Barney Boykin Jr.

Donald Hubert J. Brown

Kenneth Doran Butler

Gary Lynn Campen

Raymond Earl Carpenter

Daniel Bernard Cheney

Harold J. Clark

Thomas C. Coffield

Ted D. Colquhoun (Portland), need photo

Richard L. Daniels

Robert Paul Degen

Arthur Harris Dyvig Jr., need photo

Danny C. Fjerstad

Bruce James Fletcher

Steven Arthur Frink

Edwin Sidney Garber

Harley Hubert Hall

Roy F. Harbison

Harvey C. Harris

Marvin Leo Hartman

Richard August Hostikka

John David Ince

Paul Roger Jarvis, need photo

Cecil Lee Jones

Patrick Dennis Kadow, need photo

Ronald Norman Koitzsch

Kenneth J. Krause

Howard Lloyd Leroy Jr., need photo

Dale Raymond Lindberg

Alvin Leroy Lowery

Timothy George Mattson, need photo

Jerry Duane McDonald (Eugene, Ore.), need photo

Robert Arnold Mettert, need photo

Robert Lee Miller

Maurice Karl Mock

Thomas Michael Moore (Tacoma), need photo

Stephen Edward Neas, need photo

John Joseph Nussbaumer

Dell Coleman Odegard

Gerald Ray Olmsted

Thomas Lawrence Peterson, need photo

Kenneth Duane Phares

Daniel Loyd Poff

Wayne Richard Pollard

Dale Scott Puishis

Joseph Reynolds

Hugh Leslie Sherburn

Terry Hugh Smith (Bingen), need photo

Vernon Patrick Sprinkle (Portland), need photo

Charles Joseph Stohlmeyer

Monte Vernon Thomas, need photo

Donald Fredrick Thulin

Robert Lester Vaughan

Michael James Wainwright

John Edward Wallace (Portland), need photo

Lonnie Mark Wedrick (White Salmon), need photo

Daniel Guy Wessler

Columbian Science, Military & History Reporter