Sunday, October 17, 2021
Oct. 17, 2021

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Vancouver Volcanoes join new Portland-based basketball league

The Columbian

The Vancouver Volcanoes professional basketball team is joining a new Portland-based league.

The creation of the Portland Pro Am was announced Thursday. It will bring a new look to the season for the Volcanoes, which had played home games at Clark College in the spring and early summer.

Most Volcanoes games will now happen at a shared venue in Portland and the season will stretch deeper into the summer.

But Volcanoes owner Bryan Hunter said the Volcanoes will still call Vancouver home.

“The Volcanoes are still Vancouver’s professional basketball team and we will host games at Clark College,” he said. “It will be fewer dates, but a bigger and better game day experience for our fans.”

Portland native Terrence Jones, who plays for the Houston Rockets, is the driving force behind the Portland Pro Am.

In a statement, the Jefferson High grad said “It’s been many years since fans have seen a league with all levels of pro talent play in the summer time, so it’s really something I think the people will enjoy.”

The Volcanoes have played the past 10 seasons in the International Basketball League. The league used a mix of NBA and college rules along with a shortened shot clock to boost scoring.

The Portland Pro Am will use NBA rules. It will feature mostly players who have completed their college eligibility and those playing professionally overseas.

The league also promises participation by NBA players.

Schedules, teams and venues have not been announced.