Sunday, April 11, 2021
April 11, 2021

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Letter: Seabeck endures for 100 years

The Columbian

The Seabeck Conference Center on Puget Sound is celebrating its 100th year serving the Pacific Northwest this month. That’s a full century of providing space for retreat, renewal and tranquility for nonprofit organizations seeking to bring people together.

As a nonprofit itself, Seabeck Conference Center relies on donors to continue to maintain and enhance its facilities for education and fellowship.

I am a board member at the Seabeck Conference Center and proud to be a supporter. If you haven’t been to Seabeck in a while, you may be surprised to see how much it’s changed. No longer is it a “tent and cabin” accommodation. Now you’ll find a modern and comfortable retreat with updated facilities, renovated meeting spaces, and several new buildings ready to fit an organization’s needs.

Seabeck Conference Center has been proud to provide the Pacific Northwest a beautiful meeting space where nonprofits representing a diversity of cultures, beliefs, ages and geography have shared important experiences for 100 years. Seabeck serves those who serve others. Please join me in wishing Seabeck Conference Center a happy 100th birthday.

Peter Henrickson


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