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Dec. 13, 2019

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Clark College launches Penguins Fly campaign

The Columbian
Published: May 7, 2015, 5:00pm

Clark College is launching Penguins Fly, a campaign to celebrate the achievements of its students and graduates.

On May 15, dubbed Penguins Fly Day, people will wear Penguins Fly stickers or buttons to indicate their Clark College connection. A rally at 11:30 a.m. by the Anderson Fountain will celebrate student achievement.

The campaign message is being shared in a number of ways:

• Television, print and online advertisements featuring Clark graduates

• A Web page that allows people to talk about how Clark has affected them and their communities

• Posts on social media using the hashtag #penguinsfly

“We’ve already heard from people saying, ‘But penguins don’t fly!,’ ” said Chato Hazelbaker, chief communication officer. “But that’s our point: So many of our students have been told that they weren’t capable of achieving their dreams, either because of their backgrounds, age, financial circumstances, previous academic records or other factors. Penguins Fly is our way of saying that Clark College believes that everyone is capable of creating a brighter future for themselves, and we’re here to help them do it.”

View videos of outstanding students on Clark’s Youtube channel: