Thursday, December 2, 2021
Dec. 2, 2021

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Coming Sunday: We celebrate prep football with a special section

By , Columbian Sports Editor

The lights on a crisp Friday night.

The evening’s energy amplified by a blaring band and chipper cheerleaders.

The rooter buses. The road trips. The stories that will be told well beyond the weekend.

All of these things make high school football special.

But one word in particular best describes why we hold high school football so dear — community.

To score a touchdown, it takes a community of 11 players, each playing a unique role.

And when we gather to cheer at high school stadiums across Clark County, we too are coming together as a community.

We cheer with friends and neighbors. We cheer for them too.

We cheer the school that bonds us, whether we are students, alumni or parents.

Today, the Columbian is celebrating high school football with a 36-page special section.

In it, you’ll find stories on each Clark County team. You’ll learn what each hopes to achieve this season. You’ll get to know the players who will turn those goals into reality.

You’ll learn about all four local leagues, each of which has been reshaped by reclassification.

And you’ll read about how for Clark County’s top players, football is no longer a sport limited to the autumn months.

At The Columbian, we love to tell stories of triumph and tension. You find those on the football field each Friday night.

But most of all, we tell stories about our community.

In the athletes on field and supporters in the stands, in high school football you find many examples of what makes this community great.