Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Oct. 27, 2021

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Letter: Protect river, oppose terminals


What do these three projects have in common for Southwest Washington? The world’s largest methanol refinery in Kalama, North America’s largest crude oil export terminal in Vancouver, and North America’s largest coal export terminal in Longview. They are the three largest projects ever proposed for using fossil fuels for this area.

We in Southwest Washington are blessed with fresh air, clean water and a great place to call home. Why would we want to spoil it for a few hundred jobs for the next 50 years?

Join us at the People’s Climate Movement event starting at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the Port of Kalama. There will be a boat parade, food, and activism workshops. For more information or to volunteer, contact

This is from J.A. Hart’s book of poems, published April 1909 in Washougal: “Lordly Columbia — Beautiful River! Roll on forever, Flower-escutcheoned, resplendent and free: God hath not given this side of heaven, A more perfect picture of Him than in thee.”

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