Weather Eye: Return of hot weather will also mean return of smoky skies




Patrick Timm

We usually do not talk about rain much in the month of August. A few sprinkles fell around the area Wednesday and today there was a slight chance of a little light rain or drizzle. Not much to make a big deal about but I suppose a few locations around the county may pick up measurable amounts.

At least it cools down into the 70s to get us a running start at hot weather which is heading our way. Wednesday’s high temperature was pretty close to average for this time period in August, at 82 degrees as of 4 p.m.

Friday things clear out during the day and we end up close to normal on the high temperature, which is 81 degrees. A warmup begins Saturday lasting into early next week as we zoom back into the 90s. Some forecast models indicate upper 90s near 100. But we will be in the mid-90s at most. The downside of this heat wave will be a return to smoky skies as the flow of air swings from the east northeast. Yuck.

Weather observer Roland Dersken from the other Vancouver up north reports this on the rainfall this month: “Just 0.38 of an inch of rain which would make it my fifth driest August in 43 years, if we get nothing more. However, I’ve learned to be cautious about saying this as several times we’ve had a lot of rain just at the end of this month. August 2015 comes to mind.”

That is so true, as things can change quickly as we end the summer. Locally, the last couple of days in August 2015 had over a half-inch of soaking rain! However, outside of today I don’t foresee any rainstorms in the next two weeks. Always the possibility of a thundershower sneaking up on us; we’ll watch out that window later next week.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at