Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Oct. 20, 2021

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Letter: Support for terminal is misguided


To make real progress, there comes a time when the quick and easy “solution” has to give way to sober discussion and consideration of the long-term effects of quick and ignorant action.

Mike Bridges, president of the Longview/Kelso Building Trades Council, did not tell you the full story about the Vancouver Energy Terminal, a plan for the largest oil terminal on the West Coast. Reading his commentary ( sounded like he was inviting the Easter Bunny to Vancouver.

People who have lived next to oil facilities know the truth. I lived for 17 years in the Bay Area, a place overwhelmed by the presence of several refineries around the north-eastern part of the Bay and up the Carquinez Strait. This area had the highest cancer rates of any in California. Chevron, the largest of the refineries, was the greatest point source of pollution. Several times in its history residents were forced to lock up their homes and stay imprisoned in them until such time that the agencies could declare the air fit for breathing.

The refineries in the Bay Area killed the San Francisco Bay. A facility on the Columbia will likely kill it.

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