Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Oct. 20, 2021

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Letter: Call governor, oppose oil terminal


To those who value our economic and environmental future, contact our governor, urge him to deny the permit for the proposed Vancouver oil terminal. There is no reason to take this risk to only provide a temporary profit to big oil.

The clean energy future is on the horizon. Ten years ago, the talk was about peak oil supply, now the conversation is about peak oil demand. Simple economics says that it makes no sense to invest in a commodity when demand is decreasing. There is a reason a company like Tesla, while producing few cars, has a market cap about equal to the largest automotive companies. Oil and other fossil fuels will be the past in the coming decades.

Living in White Salmon, we also need less, not more, oil trains threatening our unique jewel of the Columbia River Gorge. We dodged a bullet with the Mosier, Ore., derailment. Working at the Bingen port I could see us becoming isolated on this peninsula if there was a major derailment or fire. Let’s not take this risk to only support the profits of large oil companies. Let’s move forward with new energy sources and new jobs.

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