Thursday, September 23, 2021
Sept. 23, 2021

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Letter: Oil train impact has broad reach


The proposed Tesoro-Savage oil terminal is a danger not only to Vancouver from increased transport and emissions of toxic materials, but to every inch of land these materials cross en route to the terminal. If we are truly committed to reducing greenhouse gasses, it makes no sense to build big new facilities for a source that is being phased out. There are much better ways to use our money and land.

I may be writing from another state, but we all share the Columbia River, and nature does not recognize political boundaries. We have a duty to the treaty tribes to protect their livelihoods and sacred customs; a responsibility to protect air and water in the national scenic area and beyond.

These words are not on behalf of the city, but we did join the call for no more oil trains in the Gorge after the Mosier, Ore., derailment last year. As an elected city council member, I represent people in our community who are tired of being a collateral damage line item in some corporation’s balance sheet.

Gov. Inslee, please deny all proposals that would result in increased oil train traffic through the Gorge.

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