Weather Eye: Our temperatures may hit 100 – or higher




Patrick Timm

A couple weeks ago we chatted about some forecast models indicating a spell of hot weather later this week. Most models did not. Well guess what? Yep, the hot weather wins out.

Today warms a bit with patchy low clouds, then getting into the hot category Friday with 90 degrees or better, then the heat low intensifies and Vancouver will be 95-100 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. I’m sure we will see some temperatures over 100 degrees.

The best place to be would be at the river, lake, poolside somewhere or at the coast. The ocean beaches will be fantastic, with temperatures in the 75- to 85-degree range. And not to worry, it seems when the tide changes in the afternoon the sea breeze kicks in.

A word of caution is needed as rivers and lakes are still quite cool, generally in the 50s. It doesn’t take long swimming to have muscle cramps and then you are in trouble. Be safe. Also at the beaches, beware of rip tides as they are prevalent anywhere on the Washington coastline.

So there you have it. The Pacific Northwest gets in on some of the record-breaking temperatures that Las Vegas, Phoenix and Palm Springs have had. Everywhere down there it has been 120 degrees or better. New daily records in some cities.

The good news for us is that after a few hot days we get our natural air conditioner courtesy of the Pacific Ocean and it will begin to seep inland on Monday for a cooling trend. We go back to morning clouds and afternoon sunshine Tuesday and Wednesday.

All this comes at a time when extended forecasts predict a cooler-than-average summer for us. Highs of 100 degrees or better certainly were not in the picture. Oh well, we go with the flow.

Prepare for the hot stuff and enjoy. Summer is in full swing now, folks!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at