Sunday, October 25, 2020
Oct. 25, 2020

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Letter: Maintain robust fire service


I am pleased to see that Clark County Fire District 3 decided to place the levy lid lift on the November ballot. We are very fortunate to have excellent fire and emergency medical service.

When I fractured my spine in a riding accident, it took Fire District 3 less than three minutes to reach me. The skilled care I received from my first responders was a large factor in ensuring that I have been able to recover so well.

The rural setting that I enjoy living in is in an area at risk of wildfire. Most properties are at risk in this fire district. Knowing that it would take firefighters just over five minutes to reach my property is priceless peace of mind.

We all want fast response times and the benefits of the latest equipment, but these things aren’t free. We need to be willing to fund them. Passing the 13-cent levy lid lift will let them maintain their emergency service levels. That comes out to $52 per year for the average homeowner in the district.

For me, maintaining this service level is a priority. The minor increase to my property taxes would be worth every penny.

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