Fishing report, Nov. 2




The fall salmon season is open from Buoy 10 upstream to the Oregon/Washington Border above McNary Dam.

White sturgeon retention is closed from Buoy 10 upstream to the Oregon/Washington Border above McNary Dam, but remains an option for catch and release fishing.

Salmonid angling is good in the Columbia River pools above Bonneville and in the gorge, especially around tributary mouths.

Walleye angling is good in the John Day Pool.


Last week on the lower Columbia, anglers made 2,156 trips and caught 201 adult Chinook (183 kept and 18 released) and 153 adult coho (116 kept and 37 released).

Cowlitz River — From the I-5 bridge downstream: 4 bank rods released 2 cutthroats. Upstream from the I-5 Br: 22 bank rods kept 14 adult coho and released 7 adult Chinook and 1 jack and 6 adult coho. No boats were sampled last week.

Kalama River — 8 bank anglers kept 1 adult coho.

Mainstem Lewis River — 4 bank rods had no catch.

North Fork Lewis River — 44 bank rods kept 3 adult coho and released 1 adult coho. 27 boat rods kept 7 adult Chinook and 18 adult coho and released 2 jack and 8 adult Chinook and 3 adult coho.

Klickitat River — 9 bank anglers kept 4 adult coho.


Lower Columbia mainstem below Bonneville Dam — 170 salmonid anglers sampled, (including 66 boats) with 7 adult coho and 1 jack and 2 adult Chinook. All of the coho and the jack Chinook were kept; one of the adult Chinook was kept and the other released.


Hanford Reach — From Paul Hoffarth, WDFW Biologist in Pasco: Based on the data we collected this fall, a preliminary estimate of 11,319 adult chinook, 868 jacks, and 19 coho were harvested in the Hanford Reach fall fishery. There were an estimated 30,070 angler trips. Escapement will likely be in the 50-60,000 adults range this year.


Lower Columbia mainstem above the Wauna powerlines — Catch rates improved somewhat but effort dropped with 381 sturgeon boats and 243 bank anglers tallied on Saturday’s flight.

Over 1,000 boats and 500 bank anglers were counted during each of the previous 2 retention days. Still have 2/3 of the guideline (something like 834 fish) left.


Troutdale — Weekly checking showed no catch for two boats (five anglers).

The Dalles Pool — Weekly checking showed one walleye released for three boats (five anglers).

John Day Pool — Weekly checking showed 30 walleye kept, plus 14 walleye released for 26 boats (54 anglers).