Monday, January 17, 2022
Jan. 17, 2022

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Health Worker Report


The Health Systems Quality Assurance Division of the state Department of Health recently took disciplinary actions or has withdrawn charges against these Clark County health care providers.

In October, the Chiropractic Commission charged chiropractor John Anthony Lewis with unprofessional conduct. Lewis allegedly took radiographs that were of poor diagnostic quality, and kissed a patient on the back of the head while the patient was receiving treatment.

The Oregon State Board of Nursing placed the registered nurse license of Andrea E. Grant of Vancouver on probation for 24 months for inaccurate and incomplete recordkeeping, and using intoxicants to the extent or in a manner injurious to herself or others.

If you have questions about this report, contact Health Systems Quality Assurance Division at 360-236-4700. For questions about the Oregon State Board of Nursing report, call 971-673-0685.