Camas man accused of ramming vehicle

By Andy Matarrese, Columbian Breaking News Reporter



A Camas man arrested for allegedly ramming another car after an apparent confrontation Friday left the scene to deliver a pizza to a middle school classroom, according to court records.

Vancouver police officers, in a statement filed with court records, said Carl Jesse Little, 48, drove into a man’s leg after an “altercation” around 1 p.m. Friday near Northeast 136th Avenue and Northeast Ninth Street.

Little was driving a Chevrolet Suburban and reportedly accelerated into Thomas Graham’s leg, hurting him. Graham was the passenger in another vehicle.

Little also struck the other vehicle, a Toyota Camry which was being attended by driver Haley Fleischer at the time.

Little hit the rear of the car, leaving parts of its taillight stuck to his Suburban, according to court records.

Little then left the scene without calling 911 or aiding Graham, police said, and drove to Cascade Middle School to drop off a pizza at a classroom.

Graham was later hospitalized, but the extent of his injuries was not available.

Officers arrested Little less than an hour later on suspicion of felony hit-and-run.

Little appeared in court Monday and was let go on supervised release. His next court date was set for Nov. 17.