Letter: Support morals and ethics




This year, I have come to the conclusion that our political representatives have forgotten the meaning of a few choice words in the English language. I would like to remind them of these words.

The first is “moral” and the initial definition is “relating to, dealing with, or capable of making the distinction between right and wrong in conduct.” The last word is very important to me and it is “ethical.” Its definition is “having to do with ethics or morality; of or conforming to moral standards. Conforming to the standards of conduct of a given profession; as, it is not ethical for a judge to hear a case involving his own interest.”

Is it then moral or ethical for a politician to make a decision on any proposal which he/she is shown to have a personal interest? Should we elect a person who has received compensation from anyone who does not have the public welfare as their main concern? Many politicians have shown that they lack the required morals and ethics required to perform their duties on behalf of their constituents.

Let’s remember to vote for people who will support all of us morally and ethically.