I-5 ramps prompt query

Majority of readers want to know about links to Hwy. 500

By John Hill, Columbian Metro Team Editor



Anyone who’s encountered the interchange between Interstate 5 and state Highway 500 knows that there are some gotchas, and readers want an explanation.

In a recent Clark Asks voting round, nearly 60 percent chose this question out of three submitted by readers: “Why is there no direct on- and offramp to I-5 from state route 500?”

While there is an offramp from northbound I-5 and onramp from westbound Highway 500 to southbound I-5, there are no ramps from southbound I-5 to Highway 500 or from eastbound state Highway 500 to northbound I-5.

A reporter will soon dig into this topic, so keep your eyes peeled for the answers.

The other two questions in the voting round included:

• Central Park used to be a part of the Vancouver Barracks. Why was that land given away? (15 percent of the votes.)

• On some of the curbs in the downtown Vancouver area, there are metal rings attached to the cement curb. What are they? (25 percent of the vote.)

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