Nature’s Feast: Karen Bee’s Steak Bites



Karen Bee’s Steak Bites

Processing elk is not a job for one man, so most hunters get help with the task. This recipe is a favorite of folks that help process elk at the Trandum household in Sandy, Ore.


1 lb. elk or deer steak meat (backstrap or tender steaks)

1 1/2 cups chanterelle mushrooms

1 sweet onion

1 tbsp (plus a little extra) Montreal Steak Seasoning

1-2 tbsp butter

2 tbsp canola oil



1. Go out to the garage and get some freshly cut back strap from the hunters

2. Cut the meat into bite size pieces. Place meat in pie plate along with 1 tbsp seasoning, mix thoroughly and allow meat to reach room temperature (approx. 45 mins)

3. In the meantime, clean and cut up Chanterelle mushrooms into pieces approx. 1 in x 1 in. (Other mushrooms can be substituted and should be sliced to 1/4 inch)

4. Cut onion in half. Cut each onion half into quarters.

5. Melt butter on low heat in heavy frying pan. Once butter has melted, saute mushrooms and onions with a little seasoning. Saute until onion starts to turn clear. Cover and turn off heat

6. In another heavy frying pan, heat oil on medium high. Once oil is hot use long handled tongs to CAREFULLY place steak pieces into hot oil (using a spatter guard is recommended). They will cook quickly. For medium rare (which is best!) cook approx. 2 min. on first side then turn. Cook another 1 1/2 min on other side. If you prefer well done, leave in a little longer. Remove steaks bites from pan and place on serving platter.

7. With the toothpicks, stab an onion or two, mushroom and stab through steak bite.

8. Serve immediately with A-1 Steak Sauce for dipping if desired (and recommended)

— Courtesy of Karen Trandum