Saturday, September 18, 2021
Sept. 18, 2021

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Letter: Inslee decision good for region


Gov. Jay Inslee’s rejection of the proposed Tesoro oil terminal in Vancouver was important and appropriate. As Idahoans, the decision matters because the oil-train traffic would have been a hazard to us as well as all others along the route.

Many cities and towns have been built adjoining those tracks. The train tracks also parallel rivers and lakes for many miles, crossing these waterways periodically. It only takes one significant spill to damage a river or lake for years. Our whole region counts on the clean water these deliver to the Pacific Ocean.

The decision to deny Tesoro a terminal also takes a significant step in potentially reducing the climate impacts of U.S. oil. It is important that states work together for mutual benefits and protections. Inslee’s decision leads us in that direction.

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