Letter: H.R. 38 nothing to worry about




Regarding gun laws, H.R. 38 has nothing to do with making our country unsafe for children. Irresponsible adults make it unsafe for children. A responsible citizen with a concealed gun permit may, in fact, save a life.

Since 1940, the U.S. population has increased by 194 million people. Unfortunately, the higher the population, the higher the crime and more people with mental health issues.

I am confident that the majority of people are not aware that there are eight states that do not require a concealed gun permit. Also, if you research the overall statistics, there is no substantial evidence that there are more or less murders in states based on concealed gun permits. Some states are a little more restricted than other states, so I think it is about time Big Brother steps in. In addition, if a felon from another state buys a gun from a private seller and comes into our state, he will not be seeking a background check.

Instead of being concerned about concealed gun permits, there should be more of a focus on mental health and the control of what type of weapons can be sold to the general public.