Letter: Right wing has aversion to truth




How can the right-wing wackos who have an aversion to the truth explain the obvious — the kind of things that everyone can see for themselves?

President Donald Trump keeps saying that the Russian probe is a hoax. If that is true, why have members of his staff pleaded guilty to felonies? I also ask, why does he attack war heroes, disabled people, Gold Star families, and the pope, but he has not yet uttered one harsh word for Russian President Vladimir Putin? You know, the guy who is still shipping oil to North Korea.

If I were under investigation, and I knew I was innocent, this isn’t how I would behave. First, he bullies the man leading the investigation. Then, when that doesn’t work, he fires him. Then, when the new guy takes his place, he smears and discredits him. Trump has tried to end the investigation time and time again. Is this how an innocent man acts?

Now it appears that the bats are in the belfry tower. During Trump’s recent 30-minute interview with The New York Times, he said “no collusion” 16 times. Someone needs to tell the mad king that there is not a 12-foot-tall bunny dressed like special counsel Robert Mueller on the White House lawn.