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Friday, September 22, 2023
Sept. 22, 2023

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Clark Asks voting round: It’s a tie this time

Questions pertain to recycling and an old staircase by the river

By , Columbian Web Editor

The votes are in and it’s a tie.

Two questions submitted by Columbian readers each took 37.5 percent of the votes in the latest Clark Asks voting round.

The questions that won are: “Where exactly is our recycling going now?” and, “Why is there an old staircase that goes down to the Columbia River by Who Song and Larry’s? What used to be there?”

We’ve never had a tie before, so we’ll report on both in the coming weeks.

A third question, “Who are the Women Who Weld, and what is their background?” came in third with 25 percent of the vote.

If the question you voted for didn’t win, don’t despair. Sometimes we investigate the runner-ups as well. And some questions pop up again in future voting rounds.

Clark Asks is a feature we launched a year ago allowing readers to ask questions about Clark County. We do our best to find the answers. Read those stories and learn more at columbian.com/clark-asks.

Our most recent story delved into the hot topic of neighborhood names. Local historian Pat Jollota was kind enough to help us out on that one. We’ve looked into topics from immigration and law enforcement, to roads and transportation, to some of Clark County’s notable historical sites.

So if you have a question about something going on in your neighborhood, submit it online. We’ll be choosing questions for our next voting round soon.