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Friday,  July 19 , 2024

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News / Clark County News

Designer of collapsed Florida bridge designed east county bridge proposal

By Dameon Pesanti, Columbian staff writer
Published: March 15, 2018, 2:28pm

The engineering firm that designed the collapsed bridge near Florida International University in Miami also designed former Clark County Commissioner David Madore’s pet project, the east county bridge.

FIGG Engineering Group, now Figg Bridge Engineers, was tapped by Madore and the project’s supporters to design an alternative to the controversial Columbia River Crossing — a project whose demise Madore was heavily involved in.

In 2014, the Florida-based company drafted the latest version of a four-lane bridge that would have started at 192nd, across Government Island and ended at Northeast Airport Way in Portland.

According to The Columbian’s archives, Madore described FIGG’s work as “pro bono” and said FIGG was interested in receiving the contract.

A post on EastCountyBridge.com, a website devoted to third crossing, celebrated the firm’s involvement.

“Figg Engineering, America’s largest and most respected bridge builder stepped up and provided a real design, quoted a price guaranteed to be less than our maximum, offered pre-approved multi-year financing, and guaranteed that they would complete everything including all design, permits, and construction within five years of receiving the green light.”

In January 2014 Madore said the bridge would be built in five years. However, it never moved beyond the point of proposal. It was also heavily opposed.

FIGG has designed major bridges across the country, and had a strong reputation as a master of pre-cast supports structures for large crossings.

Columbian staff writer