Monday, February 6, 2023
Feb. 6, 2023

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Letter: Vote with children in mind


In the last midterm election, only 37 percent of eligible voters in our state participated in the election. We must do better. Our vote not only affects our lives, but the lives of many people living in Washington who can’t vote — namely, children.

I’m proud to be involved with Save the Children Action Network’s High 5 for Kids Campaign. This is an ongoing effort to raise awareness with voters and educate candidates running for local, state and national offices about the critical need to expand access to high-quality early childhood education and the value they have for not only children and families but our economy and country as a whole.

I hope you will join us and fill out your ballot today, with equitable education for young children in mind. Kids are only 20 percent of our state population, but 100 percent of our future. Your vote matters. Don’t miss your chance to elect champions for Washington’s kids.

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