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Wednesday,  July 17 , 2024

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Skyview principal reminds students delivery is not allowed

Ordering food in conflict with new safety efforts

By Katie Gillespie, Columbian Education Reporter
Published: September 24, 2018, 6:05am

The way some Skyview High School students see it, this is our time. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with a little feast on our time.

But this isn’t “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” and Principal Jim Gray isn’t here for sharing with the class.

For the past two years, Gray has issued a note to parents alerting them that students are prohibited from ordering delivery to the campus during the school day, district spokeswoman Pat Nuzzo said. Gray hoped to get ahead of the issue this year after a couple of students already had food delivered to school. Typically, the issue stops once the email goes out, Nuzzo said.

Vancouver Public Schools upped security for visitors to all campuses this year. Visitors, including families and volunteers, need to check in using a drivers’ license or other government-issued photo identification. The system runs the identification against a national database of registered sex offenders. People without a photo identification can check in with office staff.

So letting any pizza delivery boy wander the halls doesn’t exactly jive with those new safety efforts.

“To ensure student safety, it is essential we know who is on campus at all times,” Gray wrote in an email this week. “Additionally, students should not be leaving classtime to possibly retrieve the delivery items if the delivery is early or late.”

So save ordering your UberEats or pizza until after school, kids.

Columbian Education Reporter