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Saturday, September 30, 2023
Sept. 30, 2023

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Letter: Bike lanes would lower value


When the city of Vancouver constructs the Columbia bike lane, residential home values both on Columbia and on every abutting side street get whacked. You can’t erase parking without dumping value. Forget the so-called experts and their studies. Ask that ubiquitous real estate agent always trying to list your house. They’ll tell you: Take away parking take away value.

How much do you think a buyer’s going to pay for backing out into traffic or parking a block away? You think they’re going to pay more, get talked into carrying groceries a block or blind spot back out onto Columbia? Give me a break!

As for those unfortunates with no off-street parking, might as well not even put up a sign. And you there, on the side streets suddenly packed up with Columbia cars? You better call Saul, too.

What’s happening here is called “inverse condemnation”: the city steals your parking and says it’s good for you. But let’s call it by its real name: condemnation. So, when that first bike comes flying downhill, make sure the city has paid you what they owe.

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