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Sunday, October 1, 2023
Oct. 1, 2023

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Letter: Good streets cost money


I think it is important to reflect carefully before voting for I-976, on the Nov. 5 ballot. Having lived over 21 years in “Pothole USA,” just south of us, I vehemently oppose reducing this tax. Most of us react reflexively to decreasing any taxes without thinking about how most of the money is actually spent.

This money provides this state with remarkable roads, highways, repaving, repair of potholes, etc. Which I am always amazed by when comparing it to Oregon roads. Since so many folks from Vancouver travel south to work each day, if you have not noticed the difference in our streets and byways take the opportunity over the next couple of months to notice the difference, it is radically better north of the Columbia. We are fortunate to have decent roads, good signage, etc.

When I get my annual tax for my tags, I am momentarily taken aback, but in fairness, I’m grateful.

I seethe at my fellow Washingtonians who bypass the tax by managing untruthfully to pose as Oregonians with their Oregon plates. My guess, most of those people can afford the extra money for their Washington plates, as most of the ones I see are reasonably new. Plus it is dishonest.

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