Wednesday, July 15, 2020
July 15, 2020

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Letter: Act communally for good of all


We were disappointed to read Greg Jayne’s indictment of the baby boomers. When problems are so complex and overwhelming that they seem insurmountable, it is tempting to find someone or something to blame, release a paragraph or two of invective, then pat yourself on the back for having fought the good fight. The distressing state of our country can be attributed to our willful ignorance and self-serving interest. These very human characteristics cross all cultural, generational and gender boundaries. Rather than scapegoating the boomers for having ruined the America we live in, why not address the need for everyone of every generation to start thinking and acting communally for the good of us all?

As an aside, the boomer generation covers years 1946 to 1964; therefore, early baby boomers could be the youngers’ parents! The younger boomers contributed so much to our cultural development. Many became activists and protested civil rights, racism and the war. They had a much more democratic consensus of leadership. And don’t forget: Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys.

One more thing: Regarding vehicle tabs, who didn’t vote at all in our last election? What percentage of boomers voted against the increased tax?

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