Monday, July 13, 2020
July 13, 2020

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Letter: Solutions needed in Olympia


I just got Lynda Wilson’s postcard about the upcoming legislative session. She decries last year’s tax measures as being “unnecessary.” Boy, what a short memory! Those increases went to address the McCleary decision, which says that education is the first priority of our state. Washington is a technological leader and has a strong economy because of this focus on good education.

Wilson complains about fixing damage done by the $30 car tab initiative that guts funding for bridge, road and rail maintenance. It devastates public transportation that helps people get to their jobs and allows disabled people and veterans to get to medical appointments. It eliminates Washington State Patrol positions, ferry improvements and freight projects. Wilson also wants to fight energy taxes that would pay for innovations needed to get us off dangerous fossil fuels. All those things would create jobs. Total revenue loss to the state in the next six years because of the car tab initiative will be $1.9 billion. Revenue lost to local governments will be $2.3 billion.

Lynda, how will you pay to fix the potholes in my roads and get better public transit? How will you fund a new I-5 Bridge? Stop attacking the other party and offer some real solutions.

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