Saturday, September 26, 2020
Sept. 26, 2020

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Weather Eye: Heavy rain this week could make up for part of November dry spell

The Columbian

Today is the calm before the storm. Heavy rain is developing and, depending on where the main band of precipitation ends up, it is going to be a deluge. We could make up for part or most of November’s dry spell in a couple days if we get 3 to 5 inches of rain in Clark County.

A typical Pineapple Express is heading our way. Heavy snow will fall in the mountains early before changing to rain. Strong winds along the northern Oregon and southern Washington coast.

Streams and reservoirs are low for this time of the year so flooding could be held off in some areas. Locally, we can expect street and highway ponds. The wettest days will be Thursday and Friday. Neither day will not be good for running errands.

As of this writing it is impossible to pinpoint where the heaviest rains will fall, but there is a good chance, no matter if they head north or south of us, we will be in the rain belt. So right now, I expect the county to receive upwards of 4 inches between Wednesday and Saturday. Our creeks could be running like gravy by the weekend.

The good news is that eventually it will move away. We’ll dry out later in the weekend into Monday. Temperatures aloft fall and snow resumes in the mountains but on a lighter note. Beyond that, looking toward Christmas, some forecast models have low snow levels but nothing to be concerned of quite yet.

December’s rainfall stands at 1.83 inches, 2 inches below average. We could make that up in just one 24-hour period. Prepare now to keep dry.