Saturday, February 22, 2020
Feb. 22, 2020

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Weather Eye: Wettest month of the year still a bit below average in rainfall


Here we are, just three days left in the month, and looking in the rain bucket for Vancouver’s rainfall in December as of 4 p.m. Saturday, I saw 4.45 inches of rain. We should have about 1.50 inches more. We get a little rain today, a break Monday, then rain late Tuesday and heavier rain as the new year rings in and beyond.

So, despite this month being the wettest month this year, we most likely will end up a bit below average. The other two months that follow this month with rainfall were February with 4.08 inches and September with 4.09 inches.

The new year will arrive with several storms and moderate to heavy rain. Behind the storms is cooler air with freezing levels dropping down to 2,000 feet. That implies snow down to 1,000 feet. Daytime highs will bounce near 50 degrees or so then drop into the low 40s next weekend.

Longer-range forecast models show colder air from northern Canada dropping down into the Pacific Northwest. If you took it at surface value, we would see lows in Northern and Northeastern Washington below zero and possible single digits locally.

That is a long way out, so just eye candy for us weather folks. It is cold in Alaska right now with lows west of Fairbanks at 65 degrees below zero, the coldest temperatures in Alaska since 2012. Whenever we have such a cold air mass, we always watch where that cold air is going to go.

Precipitation coming in later in the week will be snow in the Cascades, and a good shot at that. If you want to get out in the snow, here’s your chance.

We’ll chat again on New Year’s Eve.