Saturday, September 26, 2020
Sept. 26, 2020

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Weather Eye: Incoming storm to ring in 2020 with wet, breezy weather


We enjoyed a dry day Monday and it was a welcome relief from the clouds and moisture of last week. If you have a barometer, did you notice the high pressure Monday? At one time here in Vancouver it was 30.41 inches.

Today the barometer is falling as another storm reaches our area. Rain will increase as the day rolls along. If you are going out tonight for New Year’s Eve, expect the rain to really pick up and also some southerly breezes. The rain will be moderate to heavy. 2020 will arrive on a wet note.

I expect about an inch today and tonight and perhaps another one-half inch to an inch around the county Wednesday with showers. The rain won’t be enough to push us up to normal for December but will be the heaviest monthly rainfall in 2019. It will also go into the record books as a warmer than average month by nearly 2 degrees or so.

Although 2019 will be one of our driest years in Vancouver, there is no long-term trend of dry years. Our records go back about 140 years and there were years similar to this year decades ago. Last year in 2018 it was much drier than average, too.

Temperatures, however, do show we are in a warmer than average cycle. I’ll review 2019’s statistics soon.

The colder weather that was on the horizon with some forecast charts the other day has moved further out. So, no cold weather or snow here in the lowlands for at least eight to 10 days that I can see now. Last winter we waited until February to get the chilly stuff and snowflakes in the air here at city levels. We’ll see what the new year brings us.

Have a safe and healthy new year. We will still be watching all that cold air to the north here in the Weather Eye.