Monday, September 20, 2021
Sept. 20, 2021

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Letter: Stealth meter readers not acceptable


Imagine my surprise this afternoon, when I looked out to my backyard to see an unidentified man standing near the window looking back at me. He was from Clark Public Utilities and was auditing people’s meters in the neighborhood to make sure we aren’t getting overcharged. He sternly explained that he had a legal right to be in my yard and while CPU usually uses antennas to pull the data they have a right to physically access the meters whenever they want. I don’t ever think to check for the meter reader when I let my dogs or children into the backyard, and I know my neighbors don’t either.

CPU: your customer service explained that the auditors are on a “tight time schedule” so it’s faster just to enter residents’ yards first and apologize later; but a simple knock on the door to let people know you’ll be in their yard and a note for those that weren’t home so we can make sure our gates are latched properly again seems like basic safety practice and, quite frankly, common courtesy.

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