Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Jan. 26, 2021

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Letter: Sex ed is needed in schools


Due to the current events that have taken place in the Battle Ground School District, I have come with questions and concerns addressing the action to remove sex ed. Personally, I think this choice will lead to more problems being brought up by, if not the same, then a similar group of people who have fought for this vote. How can people ignore the facts? Even the ones brought up in your article that evaluates this? In “Battle Ground school board boots sex ed requirement,” (The Columbian, Nov. 5), Dr. Beth Lee states that there is evidence that coincides with when kids are educated on their sexual health, they are safer and will treat it with more caution.

If there is evidence, then why are people ignoring it? Since there is clear evidence, then how can this action be taken? This was done because a certain group within Battle Ground took their own personal beliefs to the next level. The general population, from this area, also failed to speak up and give their own beliefs. The facts need to be looked at separate from their religious values. As a student myself, my school failed to properly educate me. I wish that public education would have better coverage with their education requirements.

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