Friday, September 25, 2020
Sept. 25, 2020

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Oregon man allegedly threatens Longview cop over phone


LONGVIEW — An Oregon man may have chosen his words more carefully had he known he was on the phone with a Longview police officer.

Officer James Bessman was investigating a woman’s complaint that her ex-boyfriend Levi Cutshall, 30, was texting her in violation of a no-contact order.

While Bessman was at the woman’s residence, a man later identified as Cutshall called. Bessman answered. Cutshall demanded to know who he was speaking with. Bessman in turn asked the caller to identify himself. Cutshall responded with a five-word threat containing two expletives and a homophobic slur.

Bessman then identified himself as an officer and offered to meet Cutshall at the Longview police station. Cutshall, whom the ex-girlfriend had voice-identified, hung up.

The incident was part of an ongoing investigation into harassment, and it was even more surprising in light of what happened the day before, on Sept. 4. Longview officer Richard Gibbs was present with the victim when Cutshall called her, according to police records. When Gibbs took the phone to speak with Cutshall, Cutshall said he thought his ex-girlfriend had dropped the no-contact order.

After hanging up, Cutshall began texting the victim again, and she received another call from an unfamiliar number. That caller’s voice was the same as Cutshall’s from the previous call.

“When I called Cutshall out he quickly modified his voice, and in a low mumble tone said something along the lines of ‘This isn’t Levi’ before hanging up,” officer Gibbs wrote.

The woman told police that Cutshall has threatened to kill her.

Kelso police located Cutshall, who is listed as a Corvallis resident, on Oct. 20. He is is custody at the Cowlitz County Jail in lieu of $30,000 bail and has a trial set for Dec. 17. His pretrial hearing is scheduled for Thursday (Nov. 21).

He is charged with one count each of felony stalking, domestic violence felony harassment, disclosing intimate images, second-degree extortion and 14 counts of misdemeanor domestic violence violation of a court order.

Neither Cutshall nor the investigating officers could be reached for comment.