Wednesday, May 27, 2020
May 27, 2020

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Letter: New I-5 Bridge not the answer


It would appear the recent confab between Oregon and Washington Columbia River Crossing learned little from the CRC project and its expenditure of millions of dollars. No matter how high or wide they remodel I-5 or any other upgrades or add light rail, congestion will not go away on I-5 or I-205. Why are they going down that road again? A third or fourth bridge is the only solution. The problem is Delta Park, the Rose Quarter, Oregon state and Portland.

Where does the traffic go while I-5 is being replaced or remodeled? A detour bridge? Problem solved until the fourth bridge is needed.

Another problem would be solved with a westside bypass. The traffic in west Portland could go straight north or south without going into the traffic nightmare in Portland.

Voters of Southwest Washington have expressed many times “no light rail or I-5 replacement.” Anything else is foolish, expensive, inefficient and unworkable. We would still have congestion.

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