Thursday, September 23, 2021
Sept. 23, 2021

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Letter: End methanol project in Kalama


I am ashamed of the decisions our policymakers have made which have allowed things like the Kalama Methanol Refinery — the world’s largest fracked gas to methanol refinery — to be a potential reality in Washington state.

I am appalled that average citizens are left in the dark about these things, and do not get the opportunity to voice their concerns and opposition. The Kalama methanol refinery would quickly become one of Washington’s largest greenhouse gas polluters. Much of the pollution will come in the form of methane, a greenhouse gas pollutant that will be 86 times more powerful than carbon dioxide over the next 20 years. That is why I am writing this letter, to urge the Department of Ecology to end the Kalama project in Washington and work toward a clean energy future.

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