Monday, March 1, 2021
March 1, 2021

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Fishing report, Oct. 17

By , Columbian staff writer

The Columbia River fall salmon season is now closed from the Tongue Point/Rocky Point line up to the Highway 395 bridge near Pasco.

Hatchery coho and hatchery steelhead are open from Buoy 10 to the Tongue Point/ Rocky Point line. Retention of chinook is prohibited.

White sturgeon retention is closed from Buoy 10 at the mouth of the Columbia upstream to McNary Dam but remains an option for catch-and-release fishing.

Coho are available in local tributaries.


Columbia mainstem

Boat anglers fishing at Buoy 10 averaged 0.26 coho caught per boat.

Tongue Point to Buoy 10 Boats — Weekend checking showed two coho kept, and three coho released for 19 boats (58 anglers).

Columbia River Tributaries

Cowlitz River — I-5 Bridge downstream: 31 bank rods kept two coho and released four coho adults. 19 boats/61 rods kept 16 coho, three coho jacks and released 20 Chinook, four Chinook jacks, 28 coho and one coho jack.

Above the I-5 Bridge: 32 bank rods kept four coho and released 43 Chinook and one coho.

Kalama River — Four bank anglers had no catch.

Lewis River — 48 bank anglers kept three Chinook, one Chinook jack and one coho. 13 boats/38 rods kept 17 Chinook, four Chinook jacks and released three Chinook and one coho.

Washougal River (Slough) — 11 boats/20 rods kept 16 coho and released one coho.


Sturgeon anglers in Troutdale averaged 0.23 legal white sturgeon caught per boat, while anglers fishing in the Portland to St. Helens area averaged 0.01 legal white sturgeon caught per boat. In the Westport area, boat anglers averaged 0.33 legal white sturgeon caught per boat.

All areas are closed for retention.

Columbia Gorge — Weekend checking showed no catch for 13 bank anglers. Weekend checking showed no catch for nine boats (26 anglers).

Troutdale — Weekend checking showed no catch for seven bank anglers. Weekend checking showed seven legal white sturgeon kept, plus 62 sublegal and five oversize sturgeon released for 31 boats (74 anglers).

Portland to St. Helens — Weekend checking showed one sublegal sturgeon released for 80 bank anglers, and one legal white sturgeon kept, plus 13 sublegal and one oversize sturgeon released for 83 boats (229 anglers).

Goble to Beaver — Weekend checking showed no catch for 33 bank anglers, and no catch for 21 boats (53 anglers).

Westport — Weekend checking showed no catch for one bank angler, and one legal white sturgeon kept for three boats (seven anglers).


Bonneville Pool — Weekly checking showed one walleye released for two boats (two anglers).

The Dalles Pool — Weekly checking showed no catch for six boats (nine anglers).


Trout fishing is picking up in lowland lakes in response to the cooler weather. Battle Ground Lake and Horseshoe Lake are now producing good catches. Klineline Pond is slow.

Kokanee fishing in Merwin and Yale has slowed.

Tiger musky are biting well in Speelyai Bay.

Warm water fisheries

Horsethief Lake — Fishing for crappie has been excellent.

Rowland Lake — The lake is producing chunky yellow perch.

Lacamas Lake — The lake is still very good for largemouth bass and yellow perch.

Columbian staff writer