Monday, September 21, 2020
Sept. 21, 2020

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Fishing Report, Sept. 26

By , Columbian staff writer

The fall salmon season is now closed from the Tongue Point/Rocky Point line up to the Highway 395 bridge near Pasco. The closure remains in effect through Oct. 31 downstream of Bonneville Dam and through Dec. 31 upstream of Bonneville Dam.

Anglers may still fish for hatchery coho from Buoy 10 to the Tongue Point/ Rocky Point line.

White sturgeon retention is closed from Buoy 10 at the mouth of the Columbia upstream to McNary Dam but remains an option for catch-and-release fishing.

White sturgeon retention will be open Saturday from the Wauna Powerlines upstream to Bonneville Dam.

Trout fishing is good in high elevation lakes.


Columbia River Mainstem

Rocky Point/Tongue Point upstream to Bonneville Dam — Closed to angling for and retention of salmon and steelhead through Oct. 31.

Bonneville Dam upstream to Hwy 395 Bridge in Pasco — Closed to angling for and retention of salmon and steelhead.

Bonneville Dam to Cathlamet — 259 boat anglers kept 21 coho, while releasing 32. They released good numbers of chinook.

Columbia River Tributaries

Anglers are reminded that many tributaries of the Columbia have special regulations in place. Always check the regulations before fishing any water.

Cowlitz River — I-5 Bridge downstream: 27 bank rods kept one coho and one coho jack. 32 boats/72 rods kept 11 coho, three coho jacks and released 62 chinook, 53 chinook jacks, 15 coho and eight coho jacks. Above the I-5 Bridge: Eight bank rods released three chinook and two chinook jacks.

Lewis River — 36 bank anglers kept seven coho and released three chinook and two coho. Six boats/18 rods released one coho jack.

Wind River — Two boats/six rods kept five chinook, one coho and released two chinook and 3 coho.

Drano Lake — 17 bank anglers kept one coho and released one coho jack and one steelhead. Twenty boats/45 rods kept 18 chinook, one chinook jack and released one chinook.

Klickitat below Fisher Hill Bridge — 32 bank anglers kept five chinook and two chinook jacks.

Klickitat above No. 5 Fishway — 3 bank anglers had no catch.


Gorge Boats — Weekend checking showed six legal white sturgeon kept, plus 43 sublegal and three oversize sturgeon released for 37 boats (122 anglers).

Troutdale — Weekend checking showed two legal white sturgeon kept, plus 14 sublegal white sturgeon released for 29 bank anglers. Six legal white sturgeon were kept, plus 57 sublegal and one oversize sturgeon released for 45 boats (118 anglers).

Portland to St. Helens — Weekend checking showed seven legal white sturgeon kept, plus 25 sublegal, one legal and 14 oversize sturgeon released for 169 bank anglers. Legal white sturgeon kept were 78, plus 205 sublegal and 115 oversize sturgeon released for 168 boats (472 anglers).

Goble to Beaver — Weekend checking showed four sublegal sturgeon released for 99 bank anglers. Nine legal white sturgeon were kept, plus 11 sublegal, two legal and two oversize sturgeon released for 61 boats (152 anglers).

Westport Bank — Weekend checking showed no catch for seven bank anglers. Two legal white sturgeon were kept, plus nine sublegal and one oversize sturgeon released for 12 boats (30 anglers).


The Dalles Pool — Weekly checking showed one walleye kept for two boats (three anglers).

John Day Arm — Weekly checking showed five walleye released for one boat (three anglers).

Recent trout plants

Goose Lake — Planted with 1,100 cutthroat at just over a pound apiece on Sept. 23.

Columbian staff writer