Sunday, October 25, 2020
Oct. 25, 2020

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Letter: Give cyclists time and respect


I’d like to respond to Englow Thomasi’s letter, “Bike owners should pay their way” (Our Readers’ Views, April 15). I have also (happily) noticed an increase in the number of cyclists out and about, enjoying both the sidewalks and the bike lanes. It is true that taxpayer funds are used to build bike lanes. I’m a cyclist, and like all the cyclists I know, I also own a vehicle, so I do pay taxes. If Thomasi expects cyclists to pay for bike lanes, then by logical extension should pedestrians be charged for the sidewalks they use?

Many of the bicyclists I’ve seen out lately have been families with children. First, not all roads have bike lanes. Second, by law, children must ride on the sidewalk. Finally, those cyclists who are new to riding may not feel comfortable riding close to traffic, especially when there are drivers out there yelling, “Get off the road!” Give them time and respect, and soon you will see more cyclists in the bike lanes.

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